Demond was born in Chicago, IL, but moved to a small town in southern Illinois called Decatur,IL with his parents. There, he and his family attended a small Baptist church where he soon discovered his love for music singing. He grew up in a home that was devoted to church, but even though he knew about God, he didn’t know him in a personal way. That changed at about age 17 when he learned that knowing about God was different than loving Him personally, so he gave his heart to Christ began his journey with Him.

He returned to Chicago to pursue further education at Columbia college, where he received his Bachelors in Music Business Marketing. Singing had become a big part of his life, so he began singing all over the city eventually started traveling all over the world with various artists, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Demond is now the worship leader at Renewal Church Chicago, where he has the privilege of teaching worship to people from different cultures; backgrounds. His sole purpose is to live a life poured out before God and it is his desire for people to develop a hunger for Gods presence to live a lifestyle of worship.