Renewal Residency

We launched our Renewal Residency Program with hopes of releasing seasoned, trained, spirit-filled leaders to serve the church.  The residency is an answer to the question of how Renewal Church envisions equipping the church with our DNA.  Are you a humble, yet courageous leader with a love for the Church and a commitment to see her flourish?  Do you want to enjoy a fast ride of learning what it means to be a servant leader in the city of Chicago?  Are you passionate about seeing the gospel reconcile people across socioeconomic and ethnic boundaries?  Are you willing to be challenged by a team of leaders who are committed to exposing you to new experiences in ministry and life?  Maybe the Renewal Residency is for you.








What is the Residency?

The Residency is typically a two or three year commitment that involves working on the staff team of Renewal Church.  Residents are partnered with the church’s leaders and given opportunities to serve at a level and pace that matches their readiness.  It works much like the residency in the medical world—graduating doctors are given real-life experience with which to hone their skills before launching a career.  As a resident, you’ll undergo a route of preparation crafted specifically for you by leaders who were formerly residents themselves committed to helping you gain a sense of self-awareness, identifying your strengths and skill sets, and launching you into a life of ministry aimed at glorifying God not just as a leader, but as a spouse, parent, and citizen.

Who Are We Looking For?

As it is an intense program tailored to your individual readiness, the Renewal Residency is a selective one.  Because we desire to partner deeply with our residents, we’re looking for those people who will match our investment with an eagerness to listen, follow, and respond.  The Residency is what you make of it!  So we’re looking for go-getters who are ready for the challenge!

How Do I Apply?